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Tooth Extractions

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Trauma. Infection. Gum disease. Overcrowding. There are many scenarios where teeth removal is not only necessary, but it is perhaps the preferred option for maintaining your oral health and appearance. For experienced tooth extraction in the Abbotsford area, contact the team at Medora Dental Care.

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Dental Extractions are typically performed when the state of the tooth is beyond repair. Most times, extractions are conducted using only a local anesthetic, but for more nervous patients, sedation is also an option. Dr. Soufi and the staff at Medora Dental Care are dedicated to maintaining your overall comfort and strive to deliver a range of dental options for you to choose from. From answering your questions beforehand to walking you through the recovery process (usually a few days in the case of an extraction), Medora Dental is here to put your mind at ease. Rest assured, if the tooth needs to come out (always as a last resort), our clinic has many ways to fill in the gap.