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General Dentistry Services

Seeking out quality dental care is an essential part of maintaining not only your oral health but also your overall health and wellbeing.

The ADA recommends you schedule a regular dental exam every six months to assess the health of your teeth and gums and address any potential issues to prevent them from becoming a major problem later on down the road.Medora Dental Care is dedicated to making affordable dentistry services in Abbotsford accessible to members of the Abbotsford community and surrounding areas, whether you have a simple cavity to be filled, or need more complex dental work such as a root canal. We offer patient-centric care that’s tailored to the unique needs of every client, providing a comfortable, gentle dental experience that’s sure to leave you smiling.

Quality dental services for a bright smile

The prompt and attentive care of your mouth, teeth, and gums goes a long way towards lasting health. When you choose Medora Dental Care, you’ll get compassionate care from true experts in the field for a range of general dentistry services, including the following.

Dental bridges and crowns

Cemented onto your natural teeth or existing implants, crowns serve as a cap for damaged teeth. They’re a great option for use on teeth that are weakened, discolored, or have recently received a root canal. Bridges are used to fill in gaps left behind by missing teeth. When gaps are left after tooth loss, your remaining teeth are at risk of shifting and affecting your bite, which can lead to gum disease and discomfort.

Dental implants

Our dentist will surgically position metal posts or frames into the jawbone beneath your gum line, which then functions as anchors to mount replacement teeth into place. Dental implants are a comfortable alternative to traditional bridges and dentures, requiring no preparation or grinding of the surrounding teeth.

Root canals

Typically recommended when your dentist discovers an infection deep within your tooth, a root canal is a procedure to remove the infected tissue and minimize the risk of having to have the tooth removed entirely.

Dental extractions and fillings

Fillings consist of gold, porcelain, resin, or amalgam material that’s used to fill in space created by a decayed tooth, minimizing the risk of further damage. While there are many reasons your dentist may recommend a dental extraction to remove a tooth, it’s most commonly suggested in the event that a tooth has become too broken or damaged to benefit from a filling or crown.

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